‘Pluto’ release date Dec 1st!

pluto front cover

New album ‘Pluto’ has finally gone into production,
with release date set for Dec 1st 2017 -
It’s a double CD with 22 brand new original compositions
all played on my trademark purple 5-string electric violin
which has now been further customised with a midi output
to double as a violin synthesizer! Styles range
from traditional ‘Purple Electric Violin Concerto’
style classical rock (Pluto, Nostalgia etc) on disc 1
to an experimental mixture of metal, celtic folk-rock,
synthesizer-based electronica, minimalist & even disco
on disc 2!

CD available to pre-order from amazon.co.uk HERE

digital download available from amazon HERE

and from iTunes HERE

available in-store & online from 1st Dec
- full details to follow later!

Track listing and album cover photos:- click for larger images

Track listing




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